Our values

At the heart of our work is a set of beliefs - a set of values that we, like other NHS organisations up and down the country, all believe in. Our values drive us to keep on improving the service we provide to our patients as well as their family and friends. It also guides the way in which we work together as staff and volunteers, and how we treat each other.

Our values support our mission: ‘to put the patient first by delivering great care to every patient, every day.’ They also support our five year strategy (2015 - 2020).

Our values are: 

Putting the patient first

There should be no doubt that our patients are the number one priority for everyone at the trust.

Work as one team

As a large organisation with more than 4,700 staff and volunteers, there's no question that we are a big team. It’s important we work together as it’s the only way of making sure we achieve the very best for our patients.

Respect each other

We’ve all got the same goal – to make patient care the best but working for the NHS can be challenging at times with limited resources and more needing our help. With a mutual respect for our colleagues, we can appreciate and recognise everyone’s contribution through their hard work and commitment.

Protect the environment

By doing all we can to cut our carbon footprint, we can help protect the environment and, importantly, save money in what are challenging financial times across the health service.  It’s not just about turning off lights when you leave the room – although that does make a huge difference.  It’s much bigger than that: from the way we deal with our waste and recycling to the way that we order our equipment and supplies, we can all make a difference to our hospitals' carbon footprint.

Strive for continuous improvement

Over recent years, we have proved that we are a high performing trust, despite some significant challenges. We’re proud to be part of the NHS and how our staff and volunteers drive the organisation forward.  It's essential that we continue to perform well against the standards the government expects of NHS hospitals, that we continue to improve our financial outlook and above all, we provide the people who need our services with a high level of care. This means keeping up the good work and making improvements wherever we can.

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